Mode Field Adapter, 1x1, input fiber: HI1060, output fiber:SCF-UN-20/125-06
Part# MFA-1-H60-S2012-1

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Unit: PC

Mode Field Adapter (1060nm)




  • Mode field matching between the input and output fiber
  • Mode field matching and coupling
  • High power application
  • Fiber lasers


  • 1060 nm o per ating w avelength
  • Not mode than 0.3 or 0.5 dB insertion l oss
  • Configurations using singlemode fiber (SM) and large mode area fiber(LMA )
  • Bidirectional, can be used in reverse to compress the mode field when the output end is used as an input

For quotation, pls confirm input and output fiber types and qty.

It is High Power Product. No connector is available.

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Unit PC

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