Repair Service

The condition of the fiber connector end face is one of the determining factor of the optical performance. The defects on the end face are caused by the dust & dirt, mating with poor quality connector, frequent patching…. To cope with this serious and common problem, Go4Fiber offers connector repair service, which includes replacing, re-polishing and qualifying existing connectors. This service is applicable to cable, optical output port on optical instrument, testing equipment and optical component. Detail testing report will be provided for each connectors repaired.

Special Connector Termination Service

With the most advance hardware and technology of polishing, Go4Fiber is capable to offer the termination service on the active and passive component, printed fiber circuits and any other parts that need superior standard of fiber termination. With the Electro Static Damage (ESD) protection procedure done and strict quality control system, Go4Fiber always delivers the best fiber connector termination service to customer. 

Qualification Service

Go4Fiber can offer the qualification service for optical connectors. Customers can submit their connectors to us for qualifying whether the connectors meet their standard criteria or specific industry standard. The following testing will be involved.

  • Visual End Face Inspection up to 800X
  • Geometric Testing by interferometer in keeping with Telcordia standards
  • Insertion Loss and reflectance tests at 1310/1550 singlemode and 850/1300 multimode
  • Thermo Testing (subject to the prior approval of customer)

Should there have any needs on additional testing, please contact us for details. 

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