Payment Method

All payment must be in US dollars. Unless varied herein, shipping terms are Ex-Work. Go4Fiber accepts Visa, Mastercard credit card or Paypal. Please contact us if you would like to arrange bank wire transfer or cash payment..

For credit card payment, the order will be processed by or in US dollars under SSL protection. If credit card payment is chosen, customer is to be responsible for the exchange rate difference charged by the credit card company.

Credit cards or paypal payment will be handled by Paypal which are secure and trusted online payment processing service. It's a secure connection from to internet merchant account and our payment processing network.

The payment gateway like an online credit card machine that receives encrypted transactions from the merchant's host server, authenticates the merchant, decrypts the payment information, and transmits the data for authorization and settling.

  1. Inputs credit card information on Payment Gateway.
  2. The Payment Gateway encrypts data and securely sends it to our Internet Merchant Account.
  3. The transaction is reviewed for authorization.
  4. The result is encrypted and sent back through the payment gateway.
  5. You get the results and decide whether or not to fulfill the order.

A Payment Gateway Flowchart: