Go4Fiber Round Cable Stripper
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1822 Fiber Optic Stripper


1822 Round Cable Stripper tools is designed for cable in PVC, PE, rubber and other jacket material with outer diameters from 6mm to 25mm (0.24” to 1.0”). The adjustable blade allows cutting depth up to 4.5mm, outer jacket can simply be stripped off. The incision blade depth can be regulated with a simple turn of an adjusting nut. Replacement blades (P/N: 2109) is available. Cable jacket can be stripped in rotary cut, longitudinal cut and spiral cut. For longitudinal cut, it requires only a turn of a leaver and pulling the tool along the cable, keeping the lever in position. For spiral cut, it requires to turn the swivel blade in any diagonal position androtating the tool around the cable.

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