Singlemode patchcord, 1850nm- 2200nm, SM1950 fiber, 250um bare fiber, FC/UPC, 2 meter
Part# A2000-F2-F2-2-2

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1850nm- 2200nm Patchcord, SM1950 fiber


Key Features:

  • 2µm wavelength product 
  • Suitable for optical sensor, research, medical application 
  • Available in different kind of connector and fiber 
  • Low insertion loss


Fiber Type: SM1950
Mode field diameter: 8µm @1950nm
Design Wavelength: 1950nm, 2000nm
Operation wavelength: 1850nm ~ 2200nm
Return Loss: 50dB (UPC), 60dB (APC),
Cutoff Wavelength: 1720±80nm
Core Diameter: 7µm
Cladding Diameter: 125±1 µm
Coating Diameter: 245±1 5µm
Numerical Aperture: 0.2
Power Handling: 300mW
Polarization-Dependent Loss (PDL):  0.1dB @23oC
Connector:  FC, SC, LC, FC/APC, SC/APC, LC/APC, no connector
Fiber Jacket: 250um bare fiber, 900um loose tube
Operation Temperature: -40 ~ +85oC

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