Wilcom hand held life fiber identifier, with relative core power measurement (+20 to -20 dBm +/-2dB) capability, CATV application

Optical Fiber Identifier includes a carrying pouch containing, field interchangeable adapter heads for: 900 µm buffered fiber, ribbon or 250 µm coated fiber and 3mm jacketed jumpers

*whole brand new but without any warranty and calibration certificates

Part# F6222C-EX

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Wilcom hand held life fiber identifier F6222C


Wilcom's hand-held life fiber identifier is a rugged, easy to use installation and maintenance instrument which identifies optical fibers by detecting the optical signals being transmitted through a singlemode fiber in a non intrusive approach (without the need to open the fiber at splice/termination point). When live traffic is present on the fiber tested, the direction of transmission is indicated by LEDs illuminating on the probe. Depending on the types of traffic, various modulated tones can be detected accordingly. With optional optical power reading function, the relative core power in the fiber is measured and displayed on a 2-digit LED display which allows measurement of power without a termination point.


  • Operate from 850 to 1700nm
  • Using Non-Destructive Macrobending technology
  • Detects presence of 270, 1000 & 2000Hz modulated tones
  • Low battery indicator

**whole brand new but without any warranty and calibration certificates


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Unit SET
Brand Wilcom

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